620 Building

Portland, OR

620 Building Associates

Waterleaf Architecture & Interiors

Lease Crutcher Lewis

Providing structural design for the seismic repairs to the historic Failing Building, currently named the 620 Building. The seismic repairs were desired by the owner to correct a weak and soft story condition that was created during a renovation in the 1950's and discovered during a due diligence study as part of the sale of the building. catena reviewed the due diligence study and proposed an alternative repair scheme consisting of concrete shear walls to that proposed by another engineer. Our design created a system that re-established the lateral strength of the building and added energy absorption capacity, and saved over $150,000 in comparison to the scheme proposed by another engineer. catena was selected due to our innovative approach to the design criteria, which satisfied not only the owner's desires, but those of zealous building officials, and due to our clear understanding of constructability issues when working in historic buildings.