Shattuck Hall

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Portland State University
Portland, OR

Portland State University

SRG Partnership Inc.

Howard S. Wright Constructors

Providing structural engineering design for the renovation of the three-story 67,000 square foot building and 3,500 square foot annex at Portland State University. The buildings house the architecture and a portion of the arts programs. The buildings were constructed in the early 1900s of lightly reinforced concrete. Using advanced analysis concepts of FEMA 356, catena helped the team to realize significant savings in the seismic retrofit by reducing the amount of new shear walls and eliminating the need for the massive foundation elements that were proposed by another engineer in an earlier design. These savings directly benefited the owner as money that was budgeted for seismic retrofit was redirected to an increase in program and quality. catena was selected for this project by SRG Partnership due to our cerebral approach to seismic retrofit, as opposed to the brute force technique employed by many engineers. The estimated construction cost of the project is $10 million.