Lorry I. Lokey Integrative Science Complex

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University of Oregon
Eugene, OR

University of Oregon

SRG Partnership Inc.

Lease Crutcher Lewis

Image Credits:
Dan Tyrpak Photographic

Providing the structural design for the 28,000-sf, reinforced concrete with two-way slabs, underground science complex at the University of Oregon housing nano technology laboratories, offices and conference space. catena provided structural vibration analysis for the users that helped to verify the vibration transmission through the supporting bedrock which minimized the cost for vibration mitigation/isolation structure. The project includes a small entry structure constructed of steel framing that is situated above ground near two adjacent science buildings. catena was selected for this project based on our knowledge and common sense approach to vibration sensitive buildings, our strong connection with SRG Partnership and our talented, experienced, creative, and committed service that helps them deliver enhanced buildings to owners. At an estimated $9.5 million construction cost, the building is scheduled for completion in 2008.