Waterfront Park Ankeny Plaza

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Portland, OR

City of Portland

Landscape Architect:
Walker Macy

TVA Architects

Image Credits:
TVA Architects; Walker Macy

As part of a multi-disciplinary design team, catena is currently providing structural engineering design to revitalize the Skidmore/Old Town Historic District and respond to the recently adopted Ankeny/Burnside Development Framework. The project includes the design of a new North entry to Waterfront Park, design improvements to Ankeny Plaza, streetscape and sidewalk improvements and enhancements under the Burnside Bridge including the MAX Station. The sleekly designed canopy structure will be the centerpiece of the plaza, and will provide a new identity for the Saturday Market. catena worked closely with Bob Thompson of TVA Architects to produce an elegant, slim structure that will enhance the experience of the vendors and patrons of the Market for years to come.